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Learning to live in your created design as a child of God.


The Discover Discipleship Study is a series of six daily devotional workbooks, created to help you grow as a disciple of Jesus. This course is a spiritual map that will facilitate health in the following six key areas of Christian discipleship:

Key Features

GREAT FOR INDIVIDUAL AND GROUP STUDIES:  Each book is divided into 30 daily lessons that help guide and pace your learning.  Each lesson is full of teaching, application questions and Scripture. For maximum benefit, it is recommended that you complete all six books, in order.  Tips for leading a group study with others are included at the beginning of each workbook. 

SCRIPTURE-CENTERED:  Nearly every page of the Discover Discipleship Study contains the written text of multiple, applicable Scriptures.  We believe Scripture is the final authority in the life of a disciple of Jesus.

PRACTICAL:  Each lesson has multiple application questions which help you practically apply the principles taught to your life.  The Study also includes numerous assessments, charts, graphics, inventories, application plans and references to help you apply the principles in a real-life context.  

FIELD-TESTED:  We know every good pastor or church leader desires to help their congregation grow in maturity.  This course was designed over a span of nine years by a pastor with pastors and church leaders in mind. It has been field-tested with hundreds of participants, with dozens of groups and leaders in multiple churches.  This study also draws upon nearly 30 years of intentional discipleship ministry experience from the author.

A MAP FOR PERSONAL AND CHURCH-WIDE DISCIPLESHIP:  Many churches are adopting the Discover Discipleship Study, as their basic, church-wide discipleship plan for new believers and members.  The Discover Discipleship Study is an excellent map for spiritual growth as it focuses on six key areas of discipleship.  The scope of topics is comprehensive and thorough, providing a solid base for a strong Christian life. Each participant will not only grow in the faith but will also be equipped to lead others and make new disciples of Jesus.
(For information on bulk purchasing or how to implement Discover Discipleship as a comprehensive, church-wide discipleship plan, click here.) 
ADAPTABLE: The Discover Discipleship Study can be easily adapted into existing small groups, Sunday School classes or men's/women's/youth ministries. It can also be used as a  plan to implement a church-wide discipleship system. 

A GUIDE TO MENTOR OTHERS: This course is a valuable tool to help you grow as a Christian, but it can also help you fulfill the Great Commission given by Jesus in Matthew 28:18-20.  This Study can help you mentor others from spiritual interest to salvation and on to spiritual growth in 6 key areas of spiritual life.  

AGES:  The Discover Discipleship Study is recommended for participants from high school students to all ages of adults.  We have also used this Study with several middle school students with great results as well.  The Study can be used in existing small groups, Sunday School classes or men's/women's/youth ministries.  It can also be used as a plan to implement a church-wide discipleship system

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The Discover Discipleship Process

The Discover Discipleship Study is built around 6 Key Discoveries and Decisions:


Book 1: Discover Identity

The Identity Decision:  I choose to accept and live in my identity as a child of God by surrendering to the Lordship of Jesus. 

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Book 2: Discover Freedom

The Freedom Decision:  I choose to live in freedom from sinful habits by taking personal responsibility for my change; relying upon the strength of God’s power for change; finding partners to support my change; developing a plan for change.


Book 3: Discover Growth

The Growth Decision:  I choose to grow in my relationship with God by engaging with His Presence through prayer and worship and by engaging with His written Word—the Bible. 

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Book 4: Discover Relationships

The Relationship Decision: I choose to honor God in my human relationships by changing my attitude toward others, giving and receiving forgiveness, handling conflict Jesus’ way, and by becoming an active part of God’s family. 

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Book 5: Discover Mission

The Mission Decision: I choose to engage in Jesus’ mission to reconcile the world back to God and expand the Kingdom of God by actively making new disciples of Jesus. 

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Book 6: Discover Alignment

The Alignment Decision: I choose to intentionally align my time, temple, talent and treasure with my created design of loving God, loving people, and making new disciples of Jesus.

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  • How to know if you are born again.

  • How to be born again.

  • Factors that block surrender to Jesus.

  • How to find your security, worth and fulfillment in Christ. 

  • How to study the Bible.

  • How to understand and apply Scripture.

  • How to pray.

  • Factors that affect answered prayer.

  • How to express worship to God.

  • How to identify patterns of sin in your life.

  • How to overcome sin.

  • How to resolve conflict.

  • How to forgive others.

  • How to move past relational hurt.

  • The importance of having a church family.

  • How to share your faith.

  • How to overcome objections to the faith.

  • Identifying your mission field.

  • How to mentor other believers. 

  • Discovering your spiritual gifts.

  • How to use your resources to honor God.

  • How to honor God with all of your life

Topics Covered

Following is a sample of the many topics covered in the Discover Discipleship Study.  



For groups of 5 or more or for church-wide system discounts, click here. 



I am a Christian Counselor and was so excited to participate in a Freedom Encounter (an event focused on Workbook 2: Discover Freedom). This is a powerful tool that I will be using in my Counseling work.

Jennie Newborough / Christian Counselor / Author

I had the honor of teaching Discover Discipleship, and it changed not only my perspective but also our church's perspective of how we see ourselves. Understanding our identity as a child of God sets a true foundation to be able to build upon. It is refreshing to see discipleship that comes with a true conviction that causes you to want to change and be molded into what the Lord desires for your life. I highly recommend Discover Discipleship for a church or small group, but especially for leaders. We cannot teach what we do not realize ourselves

Krista Lesher/ Young Adult Leader/Sunday School Teacher

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