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About the Author

Pastor Jay Morgan has been married to his wife Lisa, since 1994. They are the parents of three wonderful children: Jason, Maria and Caleb. 

Jay holds an M.A. in Leadership from Indiana Wesleyan University and is a certified Missional Coach. Jay has been in active, pulpit ministry since the age of 18 and has been a lead Pastor since 2001.  

Jay has founded and led ministries that focus on prayer, unity, equipping and spiritual awakening across states and regions.  

Jay also authors discipleship, leadership and church health resources. Fueled by a passion for both the Presence of God and intentional discipleship, Jay desires to see the Church return to wholehearted devotion of Jesus

The Discover Discipleship Course is a result of nearly 30 years of researching and teaching basic discipleship principles.  Specifically, this course was written over a span of nine years. The goal for writing this course was to provide a resource so that every growing believer would have tools to assist them in making and mentoring new disciples of Jesus, even if they did not have strong teaching gifts in their life.   It has been field-tested with hundreds of participants, with dozens of groups and leaders in multiple churches.

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